Becoming a Primary School Posted August 28, 2012 by School Office


In September 2012 Stoborough First School became a primary school following the local authority decision to move from a three tier system to two.

Stoborough School is going through a very exciting historical change as it changes from a first to a primary school. We are going through a significant building project to enable us to accommodate another two year groups.

There are two phases to the building project:

Phase 1

Building the three new classroom, library, atrium, school entrance and additional internal work which included: sky lights in the hall, forming a temporary classroom in the older part of the school, enlarging the office, restructuring the previous reception classroom and fitting sky lights and new windows, forming new toilets between the old Reception and Y1 classrooms.

Phase 2

Refurbishment to the older part of the school and re-developing the upstairs space to a staff room and resource space.

There are many changes to the building and we welcome your comments. We believe the children will certainly benefit from a wonderful learning environment when the project is complete (Proposed date December 2012).

Let us know what you think.

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