Collective Worship

Collective Worship
‘I like singing ; it makes me happy.’ Olive
‘The candle makes me feel calm and peaceful.’ Imogen
‘The candle makes me think of God.’ Isabel.
‘ I like acting out stories from The Bible,’ Billy
‘I like listening to people’s prayers.’ Evie

Collective worship is an integral part of the school day, a time when we can come together as one family. In a recent survey one of the pupils said ‘Worship gives me a wonderful feeling.’ Click on the links below to find out about worship times, themes and Collective Worship Group.

Collective Worship Group
Collective Worship Times
Creating Prayer Space
Rota 2019
Our Altar Cloth

During Collective Worship…..
There is usually a visual focus e.g. a powerpoint, flowers, a candle, an object of interest.
We sing songs of praise and have the opportunity to be still and reflect.
At Stoborough we have a Collective Worship Group run by the Deputy headteacher / RE coordinator where ‘The Lighting The Candle,’ programme is followed. We meet each week and work on drama and artwork for use in worship. We learn about Christian traditions, like The Lord’s prayer, and discuss the themes we would like to incorporate into our worship sessions.
We have recently decided to introduce a prayer box – just place your prayers inside and the worship group will read them out.
We will be helping to make the hall ‘Worship Ready,’ and want to be involved in more drama as well as assisting with the gathering and sending traditions in our whole school worship sessions.

Weekly worship
Monday – whole school worship with the senior leadership team.
Tuesday – Whole school worship with clergy from The Lady St Mary Church / Emmanuel Baptist Church.
Wednesday – KS 1 Songs of Praise / KS 2 Worship
Thursday – KS 2 Songs of Praise / KS 1 Worship
Friday – Class worship / Celebration Time!

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