Monthly foodbank collection at school



Time: all day
Location: school

Dear Parents/Carers and children

We are committed to helping local families who require additional food supplies. As you will be aware, our Harvest festival food collection goes to Wareham Foodbank and we feel we now want and need to do more.

To continue to support children and families in the local area we are intending having a monthly collection day for further food donations. The donation collection days will be on the first day of each month or as near as, if on holiday or if this falls at the weekend. Please ask your child to bring in any food item to school and we will arrange collection.

School food collection days will be on:
Thursday 1st November 2018
Monday 3rd December 2018
Monday 8th January 2019
Friday 1st February 2019
Friday 1st March 2019
Monday 1st April 2019
Wednesday 1st May 2019
Monday 3rd June 2018
Monday 1st July 2019

Thank you on behalf of the school and our local families for your generosity.

best wishes,

Deborah Corbin