Head of Sport

The Heads of Sports at Stoborough is a very important role and pupils in Year 6, who were already Sports Ambassadors, were given the opportunity to apply.  Some of their responsibilities include:

  • being in charge of the internal sports board
  • writing sports fixtures reports  and supporting others in this
  • sharing sports news with the rest of the school
  • helping the Headteacher to form sports questionnaires and discussing the outcomes of this so we improve sports provision across the school
  • Assisting Mr Merredew (Sports Leader)
  • being role models to the other sports amabassadors and supporting them in fulfilling their roles
  • organising lunchtime clubs for KS1 and KS2 pupils and assisting with delivering these when appropriate

The Heads of Sports will have regular meetings with Mr Merredew and with Mrs Heritage and act as the children’s voice for sports in the school.