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Starting school is a very exciting time for all. We recognise, however, that parents and carers need some guidance as to how we support learning at Stoborough. As well as holding workshops, we are providing some resources for you which you may find helpful.

These can be found in the “Info / Curriculum / Reception Resources” page from the main menu or by clicking here: Recetion Resources

At Stoborough we encourage cursive writing right from the start. Although it looks complicated, it is actually much easier because all the lower case letters start with a dot on the line. This will later help the children to join their letters (a Year 2 expectation) with ease and without learning different letter movements. We encourage all writing to be in lower case form to begin with, not capital letters.

We use a mix of Jolly Phonics and the Letters and Sounds scheme. Jolly phonics help to give context to the letters and the children really enjoy the stories and songs associated with these. We endeavour to teach the sound and the written letter at the same time so our children understand that the sound related to a letter of the alphabet. You can help you child at home or when you are out and about by finding lots of objects that begin with these letters.

Remember to read lots of stories to your child. Not only will they remember this special time when they are older but they will also benefit from absorbing story language and structure without even knowing it. Look at the pictures too and ask your child for their ideas of what they think is happening and what could happen next. Remember, it should be an enjoyable experience.

Learning to read and write should be fun and exciting! If you would like further advice or suggestions on how to help at home, please talk to Mrs Ballard or any member of the Reception staff team who will gladly help you.

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