Our Vision

At Stoborough School we believe:

It is important to provide a distinctive Christian environment in which children feel happy, safe and secure.

Everyone will be seen as an individual and celebrated for their own unique qualities.

Children should have a school experience that nourishes and nurtures them to become thoughtful and compassionate citizens.

Everyone can make a positive contribution to the school and the world we live in.

Education should provide the essential building blocks which enable our children to embark on their own journey in an increasingly complex and competitive society. Mistakes along the way should be seen as a means to growth.

Children and staff will be supported and this is everyone’s responsibility including the children themselves.

Children should develop a sense of self-worth and understand that their personal well-being is of utmost importance. Everyone should learn to develop independence and care for themselves, each other, our school and our community.

Children will have the opportunity to develop a depth of character, spiritual awareness and moral purpose. Thinking should be challenged so children can make their own choices and form their own opinions which will be valued.

Children should understand and enjoy the diversity of the natural world and the impact we have on it. Everyone should have a commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

We will work together with parents and carers, the Diocese of Salisbury and the village community to do the best for all our pupils and will not be detracted from this as a result of external pressures, whatever these may be. We will always do what we believe to be right for them.

Our children are precious to us and we know it is a privilege to help them to become the thoughtful, honest, fair and kind people in our society today and in the future.

We recognise that to be successful learners, we need to develop children’s emotional intelligence and self-esteem. At Stoborough we encourage the children to develop their personal qualities.

We aim to enable the children to become successful learners who:


We aim to enable children to become creative thinkers who:


Our Vision

At Stoborough we provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve. We believe our attention must be directed not only on what is to be learned but also on how children learn.

We deliver this through:

Teaching styles that encourage and develop confidence
Activities that build on strengths and interests
Situations that promote independence and collaboration
A curriculum that is relevant, challenging and stimulating.

Our curriculum is planned to enable our children to:

Think creatively and critically
Problem solve and make a difference for the better
Become creative, innovative and enterprising

We provide a learning environment that equips children to:

Be responsible and caring towards themselves and others
Develop principles for good citizenship
Make informal judgements and independent decisions
Understand the responsibilities and rights of all children.