Our Staff

We are currently in the process of updating our staff list for the 2017 / 2018 school year. Please bear with us while we get new photographs and staff information organised.

School Leadership

Deborah Corbin ~ Head Teacher

I absolutely love working with children and knew I wanted to be a teacher at the young age of eight.  I remember having a fantastic primary teacher who really inspired me and from the time I spent in her class, I knew that life in education was the journey I was going to take.

As a young child and into my teenage years, I loved music and athletics, particularly running.  I learned to play the piano, the classical guitar and additionally played percussion in an orchestra so was always very busy!

Today, I love being a Headteacher.  It is very rewarding seeing how all the children develop and mature and I enjoy seeing their confidence grow in so many different ways.  When I have some spare time I like nothing better than a good book to read or going out to concerts and listening to live bands.

We live on a beautiful and special planet and I would love to visit the Galapagos Islands to see the Marine Iguanas and the giant tortoises.

Tina Hallisey ~ Deputy Head & Year 1
I qualified as a teacher in 1984 and have been at Stoborough since Jan 2001. I’m mad about animals and in my spare time I look after my fire bellied toads, stick insects and Jack Russell terrier, Rufus. I’m interested in history and would love to have the opportunity to travel more.

Teaching Staff

Beccy Spicer ~ Reception
I am very excited about joining the Stoborough team, although it is not my first experience of this fantastic school as I was previously a pupil here a few decades ago! Teaching Early Years is a passion of mine and subsequently the majority of my teaching career has been teaching and leading the Foundation Stage. Being able to be part of a child’s journey through their first year of school is a real joy and privilege. When I am not teaching or thinking about teaching I love spending time with my family. My husband and I have two wonderful children and a very lively Hungarian Vizsla called Bella. In recent years I have taken up running. Bella often joins me on my runs although I never look as sprightly as her after one of our outings! Apart from shopping (I would love to shop in New York one day) one of my other passions is baking, although I am nowhere near the standard of the contestants on the Great British Bake Off I enjoy making cakes and particularly relish making birthday cakes for my friends and family in a variety of different themes and shapes!
Tina Hallisey ~ Deputy Head & Year 1
I qualified as a teacher in 1984 and have been at Stoborough since Jan 2001. I’m mad about animals and in my spare time I look after my fire bellied toads, stick insects and Jack Russell terrier, Rufus. I’m interested in history and would love to have the opportunity to travel more.
Anne Derrick ~ Year 2
It’s almost 20 years since I first qualified as a teacher, my first “proper” job was in year 3 at Stoborough First School as it was back then. Then, we only had 97 children on roll, and the tallest ones were only 9! After teaching in many others schools across the Purbecks, and taking a break from teaching to have two beautiful daughters of my own; I know how special our school is and consider myself very fortunate to be back here doing the job I love. I am a Stoborough girl through and through, and am as enthusiastic now about being in the classroom as I was back in the early days. My passion is science – especially experiments, mess and explosions. It’s great to see the children enjoy it too, and I hope some are inspired to pursue this interest further as they progress through their school years. I love teaching art, DT, history, maths, literacy … all subjects really (although the children would say that music, especially singing is NOT one of my strengths!) We work hard in my class, but try and have fun too; I also have to confess that I have a chocolate drawer in my desk …. Work and family life mean that free time is limited but I like to swim and ice skate when I can. The only other sporty event I participate in is the annual “Race for Life” challenge. I enjoy travelling, and recently went to Venice, which has been on my “to do” list for many years. I love foreign food – Spanish tapas are my favourite, although I am hoping to take my girls to the Greek Islands soon, so we can introduce them to the idea of a Greek Meze.
Jane Andrews ~ Year 3
I first came to Stoborough as a final year teaching student and was immediately aware of the special ethos of the school. From an early age Art has played a huge part in my life and I enjoy visiting painting exhibitions with my own daughter who is now taking Fine Art and Textiles for GCSE. I love being outdoors, walking, spending time at the beach and swimming in the sea.
Freya Storey ~ Year 4
Returning to teaching after a year off raising my gorgeous 17 month old son Reubyn,I feel extremely fortunate to be stepping back into the classroom at such a special school as Stoborough. I am so excited to be the Year 4 teacher along with Mr McEwan and Miss Gwinnett and know we are going to have a fab year and get up to lots of exciting things. As well as a teacher I am also a journalist and worked in radio and tv for 7 years before training to become a teacher in 2010. I still have a keen interest in current affairs, and am extremely passionate about reading and writing – I would love to write a children’s book! As a family we love to pack up out VW van in summer, put our surf boards in and travel to France for camping and surfing fun!
Seb McEwen ~ Year 4
I have two wonderful children who I am enormously proud of, a daughter who has just qualified as a midwife, and a son who is still at school but is already a talented artist and photographer. He occasionally drags me out of bed when it still dark to go and photograph the dawn with him. I love the sea and most days will see me either running along the cliff paths near my home, swimming, kayaking or sailing around Swanage. Travel is really important to me and I have always admired anyone who can speak a second language, so now I am learning Italian in the hope that I can have better conversations with the people I meet when I visit my favourite country. When I left school I spent a year working as an apprentice to a wonderful Norwegian artist whose passion for painting, sculpture and pottery inspired me to spend the next five years studying art at university which turned out to be the best education I could possibly have had. Now, I regularly show my paintings at an arts centre in Chichester and during Purbeck Art Weeks. As an avid reader, I usually have at least three books on the go at any one time and a list of many more lined up that I can’t wait to read. My favourite books as a child were written by the artist and author Tove Jansson about Moomintroll and his adventures in Moominland, where I became lost in a magical, mysterious and beautiful world inhabited by incredible characters. A large part of me still lives there today!
Claire Sweeney ~ Year 5
I have recently returned home to Dorset after spending six happy years studying and working in South Wales. I am renovating my house and have developed an expensive obsession for interior design magazines, paint colours, curtains and carpet samples! I have also been indulging my passion for car boot sales, antique stalls and all things shabby chic. I love live music and I’ve spent part of the last few summers volunteering at local music festivals. I really enjoy the buzz of a festival and even the camping can be great fun! I recently joined a local choir and can sometimes be heard practising in my classroom at the end of the day. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and although I am not a good singer, I am an enthusiastic one! I love the Six Nations Rugby tournament and can’t wait for it to get started this winter so I can shout my advice at the television.
Matt Rowland ~ Year 6
I am relatively new to living in Dorset, having moved here earlier this year from Surrey. My favourite subjects are Science and maths, my favourite animal is the hippo and in my spare time I enjoy cooking and cycling. I am a servant to my cat Monty and would love to have a dog as well!

Teaching Assistants

Rosie Bird-Hawkins
Louise Gwinnett
Karen Hall
Di Hanson
Sarah Lever
Sue Pollack
Claire Young

Non Teaching Staff

Louise Speer – Office
Sam Abrahams – Office
John Collier – Caretaker
Anna Daniels – Chef
Stacy Collington – Kitchen Assistant
Lynda Lauder – Lunchtime Supervisor
Natasha Whitbread – Lunchtime Supervisor