Y6 trip to Cornwall Posted October 16, 2016 by Deborah Corbin


Sunday 16th October

Dear All

I am sure the Y6 pupils are getting very excited this evening and are hopefully soon to bed if not already there! A good night’s sleep will be most beneficial as activities start once the pupils are on site.

Please ensure the pupils are in school by 8:15am tomorrow morning as the coach will leave promptly.

I will be writing updates every evening after I have received updates from Mr Rowland. Updates will be completed by 7pm. I will be in daily communication with Mr Rowland and the team so please try not to worry; I will contact you if I have any concerns.

Have a good evening… Your child will have the most fantastic time so please try to relax!

Best wishes,
Deborah Corbin

Monday 17th October 2pm

I am delighted to let you all know that the Y6 team have arrived safely at the centre in Cornwall and have been tucking into a good lunch!

It was lovely to see you all first thing this morning and thank you for helping to see the children off. I thought you held it together very well!

There will be another update this evening.

Best wishes,
Deborah Corbin

Monday 17th October 5:25pm

Dear Parents,
Everyone is having the most fantastic time! The pupils and Mr Rowland have been completing team building tasks this afternoon such as: balancing on a giant seesaw, untangling a human knot and trust fall exercises… everyone needed to concentrate and there were lots of giggles etc.! Everyone got thoroughly muddy but did manage to avoid most of the rain. The group quickly learned that Jake B was not going to catch them as he wanted everyone to end up as a heap on the floor and to get covered in mud! Quite right! Well done Jake – top job!

Mrs Hanson went bodyboarding with her group which was fantastic and everyone tackled some huge waves which they found most exciting! Jenna even managed to make friends with a seagull!

Staff and pupils are now hungry and are waiting for jacket potatoes, sausages and beans for supper. This will be followed by some lovely puddings. The children can eat as much as they like so there is plenty of food for them.

This evening will be ‘superteams’ which will be a series of team challenges for the pupils. Good luck everyone! We hope you have a great time finding out how brilliant you all really are!

Well that’s the report for today. Parents – the children are having a great time so sleep easy, relax, enjoy your quieter time … the week will go so quickly and your child will be back with you before you know it.

Goodnight all and speak again tomorrow,


Tuesday 18th October 2016 6pm

Dear All

I am delighted to say that all the children had a good night sleep last night. Most were actually asleep before lights out!

The group started the day with bacon and eggs – this went down very well! Breakfast was followed by Mr Rowland demonstrating the dangers of running down the hill which everyone found very funny! Glad you are enjoying yourself Mr Rowland!

The first activities included climbing, abseiling and coastal traversing. Mr Rowland accompanied the climbing team to the local beach where everyone proceeded to scramble their way up a huge piece of rock. Finlay showed his inner monkey by amusing everyone and Jenna’s keen eye discovered all sorts of creatures when they searched the surrounding rock pools (very Science like Jenna!).

Lunch was a selection of sandwiches which were wolfed down by all … I have been informed that Jake B had 12 alone! … good to have a healthy appetite Jake and I’m glad you enjoyed them! Pupils were then off for the afternoon activities.

Two groups completed the team building tasks while Mr Rowland took the others abseiling off an 80ft cliff on to the beach below (Parents – all these activities do follow strict health and Safety guidelines…). Not everyone wanted to go down but all were brave enough to be strapped up and to approach the edge which was a huge achievement. Y6 – I would like to say this is incredibly brave and I am proud of you all for getting strapped up and near to the edge – brilliant – I would find this difficult myself!).

Some pupils were fearless and went down very quickly – Mable, Jacob S & Ethan – fantastic achievement all of you! They then went on to name all of the rock pools in the surrounding area, for example, ‘depths of imagination’.

Everyone is tired now and awaiting chicken nuggets and chips for supper followed by a choice of pudding.
Tonight everyone is going on a night hike… enjoy!

Dear Parents – thank you for taking the time to read the blogs. Hopefully these are giving you just enough information to keep you going!

Have a restful and happy evening and speak to you tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Wednesday 19th October 6pm

Dear Parents,

Can you believe that it is already day 3 and half way through? How quickly the week seems to be passing…

The day started with a delicious breakfast of bacon rolls which everyone tucked into eagerly. The pupils were then split into groups and had the option of going bodyboarding, surfing or canoeing.

The bodyboarding group had the most fantastic time even though they managed to drink quite a lot of seawater in the process! Everyone agreed that this was their favourite activity so far. When it was time to get out of their wetsuits, Harry found that he had left his towel back in his room so he had a bit of a chilly run back to his bedroom to collect it! Well Harry – well done for remembering to pack your towel in the first place – I remember going on a school trip and forgetting to take my tooth brush with me – my mum was not pleased when she found out!

Everyone enjoyed proper Cornish pasties and sausage rolls for lunch and were then ready for the afternoon activities. Anya, Fin and Aspen decided that surfing was for them and went on to show off their impressive skills and technique by standing up on their boards. Well done all of you – it takes lots of control, coordination and balance. I’m hoping to see a photo of you doing this!

Back at the centre Cameron had trouble taking his wetsuit off… he struggled for a bit of time then realised he had forgotten to take his shoes off before trying to pull his legs out! Oh Cameron – I would be exactly the same and glad you got out in the end! Nothing worse than being stuck in your wetsuit!

The pupils were then given a little treat when they watched a short video of Jake B doing the splits between two canoes! Then… deciding to tumble into the canal (mum – he is quite fine!). It does sound like Jake is having a full on week and I hope mum is enjoying your antics as much as you are Jake!

All are now tired and awaiting their supper of spag bol! This will be followed by evening activities.

A special message from Connor – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! He hopes you had a great day and sends you a hug!

Parents, all the pupils are having a fantastic time. They are all eating, sleeping, having fun and finding out a little more about themselves and each other every single day. Y6 – You are all brilliant and I am so proud of you all!

Have a happy evening pupils, staff and parents…


Thursday 19th October 6:15pm

Dear Parents

Here is some info about last night’s activities… Night time…
Everyone was blindfolded and asked to hold the shoulder of the person in front of them as all attempted to traverse an obstacle course. Poor communication between partners led to plenty of stumbles and screams but Willow proved to be an excellent guide to Mr Rowland – well, until Mr Rowland encountered some branches that Willow was too short to notice (a comment by Mr Rowland!).

This was followed by a challenge to build structures to prevent an egg from breaking when thrown from a balcony. The groups managed a startling high success rate with only a few broken eggs at the end of the night…

For breakfast today the children had lovely Pain au Chocolat which everyone enjoyed. It was then off to Bude Canal for some canoeing. Mr Rowland made the sensible decision to stay on dry land as official photographer. This was probably a good idea as some of the steering led to many collisions with boats and the bank!
Oh, Y6!!!!

Then, while playing a game in the canoes (and unfortunately just off camera) Fi, Zamira, Harry and Willow managed to capsize. All were sufficiently skilful to get themselves upright and continued with the game unharmed! Well done – proud of your good spirit all of you.

Lunch was ‘plenty’ of sandwiches!

During the afternoon, two groups went coastal traversing, squeezing over, under and through rocks. Luckily, no one got stuck, although there was plenty of laughter when Mr Rowland came close! Great attitude and effort Mr Rowland!

In the other group, Nicole did a fantastic job overcoming her fears and reaching the top of the rock climbing wall. How fantastic Nicole and I sincerely hope you are really proud of yourself … Your mum will be thrilled with you!

Tonight there is a BBQ and a disco as a grand finale… Everyone is exhausted but having a really brilliant time!

Well Parents, that’s about it! It’s hard to believe the week is nearly at an end and tomorrow is the return home after activities in the morning and after lunch.

I will continue to write updates on the banner on the website and will send parent mail messages to inform you of the expected arrival time at school.

I would like to sincerely thank you all for allowing your child to go to Cornwall and hope the children will carry special memories of this residential for a very long time. I am proud of all the children for being so brilliant in every way and they are a real credit to you all.

I have enjoyed reading your blogs and wish you all a wonderful half term holiday with your children.

Sleep well,


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