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How Can I Help With RE at Home?

Be prepared for those big questions! Don’t worry – a good question does not have one set answer and will make you think, too. A big question may well be unanswerable and will fire up children’s curiosity about the world, the universe and beyond. If your child wants a long conversation about a topic or concept, be prepared to listen and discuss.


Questions should encourage you to explore ideas together, get you thinking and talking. Remember, when dealing with big questions, it's not just about getting the right answers, but about learning the skills needed to find the answers. 

Big questions should, after all, transform our way of thinking!  



Does a cat know it’s a cat?               What would a miracle look like?

Is the Earth sustainable?                  Is it good to always succeed?

Do rules bring freedom?                   What inspires you?

Where is God?                                 What makes a place special or holy?


Big Questions

How was the world made? Is prayer a waste of time?

Why is s/he dressed like that? What kind of a world did Jesus want?

Why do we have wars?