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Our Stars of the Week

10.9.21 ⭐ Theo S ⭐ For always working hard and showing a positive attitude to learning! 

17.9.21 ⭐ Harriet ⭐ For settling swiftly to tasks and always doing her very best!

24.9.21 ⭐ Lola ⭐ For her fantastic attitude and determination in lessons!

08.10.21 ⭐ Harry ⭐ For a great approach to learning and attending quietly to each task. 

15.10.21 ⭐ Jake ⭐ For a positive attitude and making wise decisions to support his learning.  

05.11.21 ⭐ Joseph ⭐ For his energy and enthusiasm in lessons this week.

12.11.21 ⭐ Holly ⭐ For her fantastic poetry writing!

19.11.21 ⭐ Olivia ⭐ For her persistent hard work, high standards and great improvement!

26.11.21 ⭐ Leia ⭐ For her fantastic role play and conflict resolution in PSHE. 

03.12.21 ⭐ Drew ⭐ For working hard in every lesson!

07.12.21⭐ Isaac ⭐ For his excellent ideas in writing!

14.1.22⭐ Sarah K ⭐ For fantastic similes and descriptive writing!

21.1.22⭐ Noah ⭐ For showing a mature and steady attitude in his learning. 

28.1.22⭐ Meredith ⭐ For her fantastic work with instruction writing in English. 

04.2.22⭐ Eliza ⭐ For her impressive ideas in English. 

11.2.22⭐ Mia ⭐ For always working hard and giving her very best in every lesson.

04.3.22⭐ Theo S. ⭐ For his hard work and huge improvement in handwriting. 

11.3.22⭐ Bradley ⭐ For showing great maturity and knowledge on our visit to the ATC. 

18.3.22⭐ Holly ⭐ For her persistent hard work and for always doing the right thing.  

25.3.22⭐ Theo E. ⭐ For huge improvement in his writing in English!

01.4.22⭐ Hunter ⭐ For fantastic use of his times tables to divide 2-digit numbers. 

08.4.22⭐ Eleanor ⭐ For her fantastic attitude to learning and always doing her very best!

06.5.22⭐ Theo E. ⭐ For a great attitude to work this week. 

13.5.22⭐ Eliza ⭐ For showing a persistently confident and conscientious attitude.