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RE Skills

Skills in RE

We place great importance on the development of skills across all the stages of education at Stoborough School. These are some of the skills that play a key part in the teaching / learning of RE:

  • Interpretation: To draw meaning from stories; to suggest meaning from religious texts.
  • Empathy: To ponder on feelings, experiences, attitudes and beliefs of others.
  • Investigation : To ask relevant questions, knowing how to use different types of sources as a way of gathering information. 
  • Application : Making the association between religious and individual, community,  national and international life. Identifying key religious values and their interplay with secular ones.
  • Discernment: Explaining the significance of aspects of religious belief and practice. Seeing how individuals might learn from the religions they study for themselves.
  • Analysis: Drawing out essential ideas and component parts. Distinguishing between fact, opinion and belief.
  • Evaluation: The ability to debate issues of religious significance with reference to evidence and argument. Weighing the respective claims of self-interest, consideration for others, religious teaching and individual conscience.
  • Reflection: The ability to reflect on feelings, relationships, experience, ultimate questions, beliefs and practices. The ability to use stillness, mental and physical; to think with clarity and care about significant events, emotions and atmospheres.
  • Expression: To explain rituals, concepts and practices. To identify and articulate matters of deep conviction and concern by variety of means. The ability to respond to religious issues through a variety of media.
  • Synthesis: Linking significant features of religion together in a coherent pattern, connecting different aspects of life into a meaningful whole.