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Welcome to our class page! We are Hedgehog Class!




Mrs Spicer is our teacher. Mrs Nurser and Mrs Stockley are our teaching assistants. Mrs Nurser is with us on a Monday morning and then all day on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Stockley works with us all day Friday and on a Monday afternoon. We are also lucky to be taught by Mrs Hallisey on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. 


We have PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Spicer and Mr Merredew both teach us PE!






We evidence your child's learning journey using the online platform Tapestry. 



We have thoroughly enjoyed learning our new sounds so far. We are noe taking our Phoneme Folders home to share with parents. 


Please see the link below which explains how we teach phonics and reading at school. 


Star of the Week  


24th September 2021 

Yasmin is our STAR OF THE WEEK for always coming into school with a smile on her face and for having the courage to try lots of new things!


8th October 2021

Faye is our STAR OF THE WEEK for trying really hard with her name writing.


15th October 2021

William is our STAR OF THE WEEK for trying hard in everything he does and being an absolute superstar!


21st October 2021

George is our STAR OF WEEK for doing wonderful paintings of superheroes. 


5th November 2021

Tia is our STAR OR THE WEEK for using her initial letter sounds to label her autumn map!


12th November 2021

Charlotte is our STAR OF THE WEEK for trying hard with everything she does.


19th November 2021

Ferne is our STAR OF THE WEEK for working so hard this week and having a wonderful attitude to her learning!


26th November 2021

Skylar is our STAR OF THE WEEK for showing such independence with her writing. Well done Skylar!


3rd December 2021

Maia is our STAR OF THE WEEK for writing a sentence independently!


10th December 2021

Felix is our STAR OF THE WEEK for doing excellent maths this week! He has been fantastic at finding one more and one less using numbers to 5! 


7th January 2022

Nancy is our STAR OF THE WEEK for trying really hard in her Read Write Inc phonic sessions.


14th January 2022

Daisy is our STAR OF THE WEEK this week for showing such confidence in her phonics sessions. Well done Daisy, be proud!


21st January 2022

Willow is this week's STAR OF THE WEEK for doing some excellent writing about what she would put in her 'Jar Of Happiness'.


28th January 2022

Erin is our STAR OF THE WEEK for always working so hard at school. Fantastic Erin!


4th February 2022

Kayla is our STAR OF THE WEEK for becoming more confident in talking at school. Well done Kayla!


11th February 2022

Max is our STAR OF THE WEEK for trying so hard in his phonics! You are making such good progress Max- well done!


4th March 2022

Georgia is our STAR OF THE WEEK for being so confident with her learning and for always having a smile on her face.


11th March 2022

Samuel is our STAR OF THE WEEK this week for doing some wonderful independent writing about 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'.


18th March 2022

Owen is our STAR OF THE WEEK for trying really hard with his phonics and writing! Well done Owen!


25th March 2022

Cleo is our STAR OF THE WEEK this week for having a good try at some challenging learning!


1st April 2022

Alannah is our STAR OF THE WEEK for making such a fantastic poster about looking after our oceans and seas. 


8th April 2022

Lucas is our STAR OF THE WEEK this week for being such a superstar all week and trying so hard with all his learning! Well done Lucas!


6th May 2022

Layla is our STAR OF THE WEEK this week for always working so hard with everything she does. Layla is an absolute pleasure to teach!


13th May 2022

Sasha is our STAR OF THE WEEK this week for working so hard in her phonics lessons


10th June 2022

George is our STAR OF THE WEEK for doing some independent writing all about where he would go with his 'magic ticket'. Well done George!

  Values Champion  


Every week a child is nominated to be our 'Values Champion'. This is a child who has embraced our values of Curiosity, Confidence and Compassion throughout the week! Their name is then added to our Values Tree in the school hall for everyone to see.


15th October 2021

Owen is our 'Values Champion' for showing curiosity about writing this week. He has been so keen to write his name and letter sounds in his writing to write stories!


21st October 2021

Felix is our 'Values Champion' for showing curiosity about pattern making.


5th November 2021

Georgia is our 'Values Champion' for writing her name with confidence.


7th January 2022

Owen is our 'Values Champion' for showing compassion. He has been helping lots of his friends to zip up their coats. Thank you Owen!


21st January 2022

Sasha is our 'Values Champion' for showing such confidence when showing a new family around the Reception classroom. 


11th February 2022

The whole of Hedgehog Class are our 'Values Champion' this week for showing such curiosty about our school chicks.


4th March 2022

Maia is this week's 'Values Champion' for showing such confidence with her writing during Exploring Time which encourages others to write. Well done and thank you Maia!


11th March 2022

Isla is our 'Values Champion' this week for being so compassionate and helping around the classroom. Thank you Isla!


25th March 2022

Layla is our 'Values Champion' for being so curious when learning outside with the maths resources in our new maths shed!


1st April 2022

Ralph is our 'Values Champion' for showing such compassion in helping another member of Hedgehog Class at playtimes. Thank you Ralph!


8th April 2022

Daisy is our 'Values Champion' for being so confident in walking to the church for our Easter Service! Well done Daisy!


6th May 2022

George is our 'Values Champion' for showing such confidence with his dancing in our PE sessions. 


13th May 2022

William is our 'Values Champion' for showing lots of curiosity about his learning in RE. In RE he has been learning about the church. In his independent learning time William drew a detailed picture of a church. He was able to talk all about it using the correct vocabulary.


10th June 2022

Nancy is our 'Values Champion' for showing lots of confidence with her reading!



Scroll down to find out all about our wonderful learning in Hedgehog Class! 

Week beginning 6th June 2022


What an exciting week we have had this week! The swimming pool is open and we have been enjoying out first swimming sessions!








Week beginning 9th May 2022

We have been really enjoying our topic 'Let's Get Growing'. This week we planted our own sunflower seeds. 




We also made our own 3D sunflowers! 






Week beginning 28th March 2022


This week we have been reading the story 'One Tiny Turtle'. We have learnt so much about turtles. 


We practised our cutting skills and made our own turtles! Take a look......



Our Turtles!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 21st March 2022


This week we have been reading the story 'Elmer'.






We have been retelling the story in our small world play area. We have even practised our cutting skills to cut out our own elephants. In the painting area we have been exploring colour and pattern.


We have learnt about the artist Kandinsky. We learnt that he enjoyed using colour in his paintings We then explored colour and shape and created our own piece of class art work in the style of Kandinsky.






Week begining 14th March 2022


Our animal story this week has been 'Everywhere Bear'. We really enjoyed listening to the story. We pretended that Everywhere Bear went on more adventures and we wrote postcards from him explaining where he had been!


We also painted pictures of our own Everywhere Bear. We learnt how to dab our paint brush to make our paintings look furry and fluffy. Dabbing our brush adds texture to our paintings!







We had great fun on Red Nose Day! The Red Nose Relay was great fun and we really enjoyed wearing crazy clothes for the day!






Ferne won our joke competition.


Her joke is.....


What is a Ruldolph's favourite day of the year? 


RED NOSE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  smileysmileysmileysmiley


Well done Ferne!

Week Beginning 7th March 2022


We have been reading 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' this week. 




We thought of words to describe the settings in the story and then wrote a sentence about the different settings.




                                    Georgia described the forest.




                                Samuel described the snow storm.



   We also thought about what the bear might be thinking at the end of the story.



                     Cleo thought the bear might be sad and wanted a friend.






               Skylar thought he might be saying that he would like a friend.

Week beginning 31st January 2022


Another great week of learning in Reception! We have been learning how to be safe when crossing the road. 




We also learnt how we can be safer when walking at night. We decided that bright and reflective clothes are good to wear so we can be seen. We then designed a new running tshirt for Mrs Spicer to help keep her safe at night when she is running.





Week beginning 24th January 2022


We are having great fun this week learning some new maths vocabulary. We have been investigating 'heavier' and 'lighter'. We used the balance scales to find out which item was heavy and which was light. We then had great fun in the sand tray exploring this theme. We enjoyed finding out which container was the heaviest when we filled it with sand!


                "This is lighter"


             "The cup is heavier"






                                                "The blue bucket will be the heaviest"


The next day we had to compare two different containers. We had to find out which container held the mst sand. We counted spoonfuls of sand to see how much they held. We then identified which held the most sand and which held the least sand. Using this knowledge we worked out that the container that held the most would be heavier and the container that held the least would be lighter. 









Week beginning 17th January 2022


We have been reading 'The Jar of Happiness' by Ailsa Burrows. This inspired us to talk about what makes us happy. 





We are very eggcited this week as we are incubating some chicken eggs in our classroom. 






Week beginning 3rd January 2022


Happy New Year! This week we have been learning about how people in Englad celebrate New Year's Eve. We watched the firework display in London. This inspired us to create our own firework collages.







We also wrote our own new year's resolutions!







What is your new year's resolution?


We even had fun having a new year's eve party in the home corner. It was great fun counting down to midnight!



Week beginning 6th December 2021


We have been learning about Hedgehogs this week. We learnt about hibernation. We learnt that hedgehogs often bury themselves in leaves in order to hibernate. We took part in our own hibernation experiment to see if leaves actually do keep hedgehogs warm. We had two hot water bottles filled with warm water which we pretended were hedgehogs. We placed one hot water bottle under a pile of leaves and the other on its own not in a pile of leaves. We predicted that the hot water bottle hedgehog in the leaves would stay warmer and we were right!








We have really enjoyed painting our own hedgehogs!




Week beginning 26th November 2021

This week we have been really enjoying our maths learning. We have been investigating the number 5. We found different ways to show the composition of 5.


We used playdough, Numicon shapes and cubes! Not only did we become more confident about learning the composition of 5 but we had great fun in doing so!




Making 5 using two different coloured cubes!



Making playdough snakes with 5 pegs on them!



Making 5 using the Numicon shapes!

Week beginning 1st November 2021


Welcome back Hedgehog Class we have missed you!


This week we are investigating the seasonal changes now autumn is hear. We put on our wellies and enjoyed a welly walk to find out all about autumn. We talked about what we saw, heard, touched and felt.



Our Welly Walk!

Still image for this video
We loved crunching the autumn leaves!

We made maps of our autumn walk! 





                                                     This is Faye's map.



                                                      This is Maia's map



                                                      This Erin's map.

Autumn Tree Collages

Still image for this video
Our autumn welly walk inspired us to collage autumn trees. We could use any resources from the classroom and make them how we wanted to. Mrs Spicer has put them on display because we think they are beautiful! Well done everyone!

Week beginning 18th October 2021


We have read the story 'Super Duper You'. Mrs Spicer explained tha she thought we were all 'Super Duper' because we have now finished our first half term at school. Well done Hedgehog Class! 



Reading this book inspired us to think about superheroes! We wrote about superheroes, painted pictures of them and even built them superhero hideouts! We have had lots of fun with our learning this week!



                                                          'This is Hulk!'




                                                          'I love Elsa'




Cleo wrote that her family are her superheroes!



Elsa is Layla's favourite superhero.

Week beginning 11th October 2021

This week we have been extending our mathematical vocabulary. We have been using the words 'bigger', 'smaller', 'more', 'less' when comparing objects. 




We used these words whilst making playdough balls that weighed the same as each other. The children had to decide whether they needed more/less playdough! It was great fun using the balance scales to weigh our playdough balls!




The children set up a party in the house! It was lovely to hear the children deciding what they needed for their party. The song 'Happy Birthday' was sung with cheer and joy! What a happy class we have!


We have had another fantastic week, I wonder what we will learn and play next week?

Week beginning 4th October 2021


In our RE session we have been thinking about our special places. We got to recreate our special place either by constructing it, collaging it or drawing it. We then said what our special place was with the rest of the class. Here are some examples.           



  My Speical place is the park. It is special because it is fun. I like the slide the best.



 My speical place is Park Dean. It is special because I love the arcade. I feel happy and I like the soft play too.




Week beginning 27th September


As part of our topic Marvellous Me we have been painting self-portraits. We thought carefully about colour and the features that we needed to paint. We thought our art was so good that we even made picture frames for them! Here is a selection for you to see! We hope you like them.







Settling in at School!


The new children have been fantastic and have settled in so well to school life at Stoborough School. We have loved exploring our classroom inside and out! We have made lots of new friends!