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There is a close link between RE and Spirituality and children are actively encouraged to spend time reflecting on and asking deep questions in RE. Teachers may use music, artwork, photographs, poetry and stilling exercises as a focus for this.


Clergy members and other visitors are invited into Key Stage 2 to answer pupils’ questions – this even included Bishop Nicholas at our Eco Summit for children and regular visits by Canon Simon.


Stoborough School regularly sends in entries for the Spirited Arts ‘Art In Heaven,’ competition and has 7 winners since 2015! This is an amazing achievement in an international competition which regularly recieves over 3,000 entries annually.


Reflective thinking on self, the wider world and beyond is encouraged through the windows mirrors doors approach (see our Spirituality Policy) and deep thinking is marked with a ‘dove’ stamp in children’s books. Everyone is encouraged to take a moment to stop and be still and reflect during the busy school day at one of our prayer spaces.