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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Hello and welcome to Year 4. I am Ms Andrews, the class teacher, and Miss Gwinnett is our class teaching assistant. We also have Miss Jones working with us for an hour each day.

I think Year 4 is a wonderful year group to be in as the children are old enough to think for themselves and yet still have all the energy, enthusiasm, freedom and humour of younger children. It's a lovely age.

We continually endeavour to make our learning as interesting and enjoyable as we possibly can. By linking learning across the curriculum we hope to engage the children, capture their imaginations and help them remember what we are learning.

Our aims are to encourage independence and self-confidence whilst instilling a love for learning. We hope these skills will help equip the children throughout their future education and in their wider lives. 

We're sure you will enjoy looking at some of the learning the children have completed on our class page.  The majority of our displays are whole class, everyone's learning is celebrated!

Year 4 Class Charter

Be kind, thoughtful, honest and fair,

Show the world just how much you care.


Value the world and all living things,

Who knows, one day you might grow wings!


Listen and think so you can learn, 

As much as you can, throughout every term.

Leeson House

Observational line drawings of cities

Year 4 have created some amazing poetry in English this half term. I love their rivers poems which use rhyme, repetition, alliteration and personification to really bring their words to life. Some of their imagery really paints pictures in your mind which is what I think a great poem should do. What a talented bunch our children are!

James Rizzi inspired Megacities paintings

Year 4 enjoyed finding out about the American pop artist James Rizzi who is known for his vibrant colours and zany imagery. James Rizzi used anthropomorphism to give his buildings human characteristics. Rizzi lived in New York all his life and aimed to portray New York as a happy, diverse place to live.

The children loved his work and produced some wonderful images based on the artist. I think they enjoyed adding the faces to their buildings best!

Year 4 happily working on their amazing James Rizzi paintings

The children loved working in oil pastel, water colour and gouache paints creating their own characterful skyscrapers. They were deiligted with the finished results which have really brightened up the classroom.

Christmas Light Jars

Nativity Paintings

Reindeer Cups

Colour mixing for Portraits and Christmas designs

Climate Change Conference - COP26

The children really enjoyed finding out about Greta Thunberg and Climate Change as apart of our COP26 week. I was so pleased to see the extra learning they completed in their own time following their learning - it's wonderful that the future generation care so much. 

Remembrance Day Silhouettes

Year 4 Jigsaw

Children's messages

I love all the little notes the children are giving me this year; the portraits always make me smile.

Mendhi Designs

Mendhi hand designs created as part of our, 'Night of Power,' R.E. topic. The children loved drawing around their own hands and filling in with intricate geometric patterns.

Journey through the digestive system stories

As part of our science topic, 'Where does all that food go?' the children have been learning about the digestive system. Our initial lesson was quite interesting as the children were a little unsure of where the different parts could be found...

We used mnemonics to try and help us remember and then invented food characters who went on perilous journeys through the digestive system. Of course the children's favourite part was when the characters turned into poo and were flushed down the loo! 

Their final writing shows a good understanding of the science objective and I was also very pleased with their use of scientific vocabulary. My favourite part however, has to be the illustrations, the children produced, to support their story lines. I think they are wonderful!

Egg Investigation

Rowen, Chase and Teddy testing the egg left in vinegar

Still image for this video

Annie, Jack and Francesca hoping not to miss!

Still image for this video

As part of our, 'Where does all that food go?' science topic we investigated the effects of different liquids on egg shells. We wanted to find out which ones would be more likely to cause tooth decay.

Our investigation started by measuring out equal amounts of each liquid, thinking about fair testing. We then made predictions about what would happen to each egg.

We made observations of the eggs after a week in the different liquids and compared the outcomes of the investigation with our original predictions. 

Finally we tested the bounciness of the egg in vinegar by volunteering to play catch with the egg. It definitely was bouncy!


Leaf printing

Year 4 really enjoyed an art day exploring autumn leaves before using polystyrene to produce prints. Some of the leaf prints were used to help create the hall display on our Christian values. 

Recount writing following our visit to Cranbourne

Ancient Technology Centre


On Thursday 16th September, Year 4 visited the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranbourne to find out about our new topic, The Iron Age.

We had the most wonderful of days totally immersed in the reconstructed historic buildings and listening to Nada and Carloine (tutors at the centre). The day's activities really brought our topic to life and helped us imagine what life was like in the Iron Age.

The children were completely engaged and full of questions and enthusiasm; I'm sure the tutors thought they were amazing! 

A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers; Ella's mum, Delilah's mum, Bryony's mum and Finn's Grandad - it really made a difference having such experienced helpers! 

Arriving at Cranborne and time for a snack

Artefacts in the Earth house

The end to a lovely day