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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page!

We are also known as the Peregrine Falcons!

We are confident! We are compassionate! We are curious!


In Year 6, the teachers supporting your children are:

  • Miss Parker (Class teacher)
  • Miss Sue (Learning support)


Our priority this year is to ensure your child feels safe, happy and ready to learn by creating a fun and engaging environment where they can thrive.

By ensuring they are comfortable at school, we can be certain that they will excel in their learning to the best of their ability.


Throughout the year, we will support your child in their learning and well-being; particularly in the lead up to the SATs which will happen in May.

Our Class Charter


Spring Term

'Stars of the Week!'

Marcus- For showing such great focus and settling well to his learning this week. Well done Marcus keep it up! 

ALL OF YEAR 6- The children have literally blown me away with how fantastic they have been this week with their approach to their SATS tests. They have approached them with confidence, courage and enthusiasm. They all deserve to be stars this week. Well done Year 6 you are amazing!

Neve J- For an amazing improvement in her confidence and approach to her work across the curriculum- Well done Neve!

Isla- For working really hard this week in all areas of the curriculum and being very determined in all of her work. Well done. 

Kieran - For pleasing work in English; writing an amazing character description and for his explanation of how fluorescent lighting works, in Science.

Beatrice - For excellent work in English this term; including writing that conveys character and includes dialogue to move action forward.

Leo - For showing great perseverance across all areas of the curriculum.

Thomas W - For his wonderful creative artwork and for his fantastic writing, describing a Tibetan market scene.

 Spring Term

Value Superstars!

Beau- For consistent confidence in his reading skill development over this year and showing clear confidence in his ability. Well done Beau!


THE WHOLE OF YEAR 6- The leaf this week goes to Year 6 as they have shown our school value of confidence through out the week when tackling their SATS. You have all done an great job and should be so proud of yourselves. 

Thomas W- For new found confidence this week when approaching his work. He has created some wonderful writing and been focused in his maths lessons too. Wonderful to see Thomas, keep it up! 

Sam M- For showing great confidence in his approach to building a prototype for design technology and helping others. 

Joe - For showing greater confidence in class - participating in discussions and volunteering answers.

Alice, Imogen S, Henry W, Isla, Sam M, Olivia, Noah, Harrison and Katie - for having the confidence to take part in the Holocaust Memorial Day Video.

George - For being compassionate towards his classmates - cleaning up all the equipment after art lessons, without being asked.

Jack L - For always showing kindness and compassion to all.

Spirituality Week

This week the children have taken part in a wonderful week of creativity, thought provoking discussions and fun activities. The children started the week looking at a book called 'The Tin Forest'. Please see the link below  which takes you to a reading of the book online. After looking at the book, the children discussed the themes and vocabulary and went on to create some of their very own Tin Forest poetry. 

Over the course of this week, we have discussed what is meant by 'God's Good Earth'. The children have examined the problems that we have in our world and how to solve these as well as creating their ideal world. 

The children have created wordles- words that they would like in their version of God's Good Earth placed into different shapes. 


We had a visitor who discussed with the children the importance of trees and what they add to our world too. 


The highlight of this week was the children creating their very own tin animals from plastic that they had collected and then working alongside a dance teacher to create a routine which they then all shared with each other as a school. 

It has been a pleasure to see how creative the children have been this week and also how reflective they have been about the world around them. A wonderful week full of fun and enthusiasm. Please see below for a collection of pictures over the week. 

Spirituality Week

End of SATS! Spreading Positivity

Year 6 have spent some of their time today spreading a bit of positivity. They have created positive messages on stones, which are now dotted around the field for others to find, as well as lovely hanging wooden messages about nature. The children really enjoyed being able to create and share positivity for others in the school today. They look great Year 6. 

Sunflower Planting

The children have been busy this week planting sunflower seeds. We look forward to them growing and enjoying the sun. 


Reflection Board

We now have a new reflection board in Year 6 which the children have worked hard to contribute to this week. The weeks question being: How can we show forgiveness?



Design Technology Prototypes 


Year 6 have been very busy this week creating prototypes for their design technology project this term. Creating a Trojan horse. They have considered the different materials that they may use for the project and have had a try at using cardboard to consider the challenges. Great work year 6. 

World Book Day 2022

Why not take part in the following competition...

The children were looking at the book Tuesday this week during World Book Day and were tasked with the challenge of making a matchbox to represent the book. Please see below, don't they look fabulous and amazingly creative. Well done Year 6 !

Year 6

Holocaust Memorial Day

We Created a Kindertransport Quilt Collage.


'I have drawn a suitcase waiting alone by a train to show that many people did not not make it out alive, but some did.' Harrison.


'My drawing shows a girl in the middle of a broken heart with her parents on one side, reaching for her. On the other side is her foster parents. One day this girl will have to choose one family.' Isla.


'My design shows your heart is full, in Germany, but when you are on the train your heart is broken. When you get to Britain, your heart starts to mend again.' Leo.


'I have included a train going to England with Jewish children in it. This represents the one day they find safety and salvation.' Marcus.


'The parents are staying in Germany, whilst the child will find peace in Britain. Their hearts are torn apart by the separation.' Henry W


'The children in the boat are very sad because they have had to leave their family and home behind. The rain represents their tears. Their journey is from fear to peace.' Olivia.


'My drawing represents a broken heart, being patched up by the positivity her birth mother sent her, in letters from home. The letters and objects represent her memories and the bond that shouldn’t be broken.' Noah.


'My artwork shows that one day a child’s life changed, forever. Many children had to travel from Germany to Britain on trains. I have put letters in the windows of the train to show that children are writing and receiving letters from and to their loved ones.'  Katie.










        Our Holocaust Memorial Art (from our sketchbooks)

 David Hockney inspired Artwork.










Our Amazing Sketchbooks!










We have been reading 'Running on the Roof of the World,' by Jess Butterworth.

We have completed character profiles, described settings and recently, made our own adventure stories.






Week commencing 29th November


Non-chronological reports about Yellow Spotted Lizards (a fictional species from our current text 'Holes by Louis Sachar'!

Amazing artwork inspired by Roy Lichtenstein!

Week commencing 15th November 2021

Children in Need 2021 - Year 6 enjoyed learning in our PJs today!

We have been reading Holes by Louis Sachar in English. This week we have made impression of the characters using evidence from the text, written a letter as Stanley and described the setting: Camp Green Lake.

Spectacular Science with Mrs Derrick!

Week commencing 8th November 2021

This week, we have been doing multiple pieces of art linked to COP 26. We have been thinking about how we should help to protect our planet and what we want our future planet to look like.

Amazing Remembrance Art! The children also wrote letters home as soldiers in the war.

Here are some photos from our trip to the Tank Museum.

WC 11th and 18th October 

The children been fantastic at identifying features of a newspaper report and then working on those features in preparation to write their own newspaper reports. We can't wait to show you!


WC 4th October 2021

In English this week, the children have been showing of their various language features in their writing. We have been learning how to use relative clauses, expanded noun phrases and have been developing the use of many, different sentence openers.

We have also been working on the correct punctuation required when writing dialogue. 

The children have been brilliant at challenging themselves to extend their writing - I can't wait to read their final pieces and choose our writer of the week!


WC 27th September 2021


We have been sequencing and summarising the first chapter of our first English text of the year Goodnight Mr Tom,

The children have been excellent at writing thoughts, emotions and using descriptive language to write their ideas.

They have also been using DADWAVERS to vary their sentence openers.

Great job Peregrine Falcons!