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Our children are thoughtful, honest, fair and kind

We love our school and aim to be happy in all that we do


At Stoborough we have high expectations and 'aspire to inspire'

It was lovely to see so many of your at the Harvest celebration - thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to support your children and the school. Your food gifts will be appreciated by so many local families, thank you for your kindness. Tuesday 15th October is our ECO Summit for Children day. If you are visiting us, we welcome you! This is sure to be a brilliant day in which we explore how wonderful our world is, some of the issues that all living species are facing, possible areas we can seek to change and possible positive action as a whole school community. Thought of the Week: 'We have one planet and one chance to get it right. Let's think about our brothers and sisters across the world and all other living species which need our love and care to survive. How can we give more, share more and need less ourselves? We can all make a different and can all change... love for all is key.

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