Pupil Premium

Research informs us that the educational performance of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds is much lower than their peers.  In 2014, only 36.5% of disadvantaged pupils went on to achieve 5 A* – C including English and Maths GCSEs, compared with 64% of all other pupils.

Recognising the need to improve the performance of disadvantaged pupils, the Government introduced the Pupil Premium in 2011.  This allocates specific funding to schools for each pupil from a disadvantaged background and includes pupils eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and pupils looked after by the Local Authority.

Stoborough Primary School is seeking to break the link between disadvantaged performance by supporting disadvantaged pupils to achieve their full educational and personal potential.

We are effectively support disadvantaged pupils’ achievement by:

  1. Ensuring there is a whole school ethos of attainment for all. Each pupil is seen as an individual.  We seek to understand barriers to learning and try to support pupils so they have the same aspirations to succeed and to be successful as all other pupils.
  2. Paying special attention on whether our children can access learning readily and have the support they need to do this.  We expect all children to attend school regularly and work with individual families to reduce absence from school.
  3. Expecting teachers to provide quality learning experiences daily and to understand how to effectively support and challenge their pupils as individuals.
  4. Deploying our staff effectively.  Teachers, teaching assistants and other professionals are deployed to meet the learning and developmental needs of children.  We seek to train staff to a high level so they are effectively equipped to deliver learning to a high standard across all curriculum areas as well as other aspects of the child.
  5. Using data and the analysis of this to regularly review attainment and progress of our children.  Teachers review progress against lesson objectives and against age related curriculum criteria.  We have a consistent marking scheme which recognises pupils’ achievements and additionally sets next step challenges. As a school we monitor the success of our Feedback and Marking Policy.
  6. School leaders hold all staff to account for pupil progress.  School leaders have high expectations that all pupils will achieve, progress and succeed.  We establish a culture where all pupils, staff and parents are expected to work collaboratively to this end.

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