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Book Club

Summer Term Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast from our book club and hear what they think of these fantastic books!

Book Club Podcast Spring Term

Listen to our book club members on the Tales by Mail Podcast as they question the authors of The Sleepover Takeover and Rockstar Detectives.

Book Club Podcast Autumn Term

Book club discuss The Chime Seekers and Sisters of the Lost March with their authors.

Autumn Term Stoborough Book Club

We have been so excited to begin our book club this term. The children have loved the first book they have read and are so excited to read the second one. Next week, we will be beginning our recordings for our podcast!

About the Books

BOOK ONE: When an evil faerie kidnaps a baby and replaces her with a changeling, her reluctant big brother is swept up in a quest against the clock. Can he outwit this tricksy faerie, conquer a series of seemingly impossible challenges and return home from a magical labyrinthine land with his baby sister in his arms?

BOOK TWO: Six sisters live on a village farm with their fates decided by a superstitious prophecy and their cruel father. Then a mysterious circus comes to town and one of the girls suddenly vanishes. It’s up to the bravest of the sisters to reunite her family and so she sets out on a dangerous quest…

Book Reviews!