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Our trained ELSAs are:

Mr Moir and Mrs Nurser.


Emotional Literacy Support helps children to understand feelings; their own as well as those of others. It can build their self esteem and help to develop their social skills. It can allow children to deal with anger management issues, as well as loss and bereavement.


How does ELSA work? 

Children are referred for ELSA support by their class teacher, senior leader or SENCo. We then identify and prioritise which children require a weekly programme or, if more appropriate, put supported strategies in place within a class setting. ELSA programmes run for 6-12 weeks. With the programme set we then plan support sessions to facilitate the pupil in developing new skills and coping strategies that allow them to mange social and emotional demands more effectively. 

We use the Hamish and Milo wellbeing intervention scheme to support our pupils in their ELSA sessions.