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We have adopted a reading into writing approach. Using rich and challenging texts and film, we ensure that there is a meaningful outcome for a variety of genres so that children are given a real purpose for their writing. Each year group develops their sequence of writing around a text to ensure the children have access to high-quality texts and models. Within a writing unit, there is the opportunity for children to: explore texts, have models and explanations shared with them to identify key features and purpose and audience and practise compositional skills of planning, drafting and editing to improve any written piece. During a unit of work, children are given the opportunity to use drama and discussion to develop their speaking and listening skills. We recognise the importance of writing as a process. Children have regular opportunities to gradually draft and develop their final pieces of writing. Children are given time to edit and improve their written work after feedback from their teacher. The teaching of grammar is interwoven into daily reading and writing lessons so that children are given the opportunity to learn grammar in context.