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Religious Education

Our RE subject leader is Mrs Murray


As stated in the Church of England Religious Education Statement of Entitlement, religious education in a Church school should enable every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10).


At Stoborough CE School, pupils and their families can expect a high-quality religious education (RE) curriculum that is rich and varied, enabling learners to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of a range of faiths and other worldviews. RE has a very high profile within the curriculum and makes a significant contribution to preparing pupils for life in modern Britain.


Christianity is taught as a living and diverse faith, focused on the teachings of Jesus and the Church, alongside a range of religions and other worldviews. We encourage pupils to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions while creating a safe space for them to explore their own beliefs and questions of meaning.


We aim for pupils to be inspired by the subject and that through their learning in RE they will develop a wide range of skills such as enquiry, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reflection, to deepen their understanding of the impact of religion on the world. 


To achieve this, high quality Religious Education teaching needs to provide pupils with a systematic knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and other worldviews thus enabling pupils to become religiously literate so they can engage meaningfully in life in modern Britain.



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