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Learn to Move

Miss Sue and Mr Merrredew deliver the Learn to Move, Move to Learn Programme at Stoborough. 


What is Learn to Move, Move to Learn? 


Learn to move, Move to Learn is an evidenced-based intervention developed by Dorset Council to support children with co-ordination difficulties in school.


Children who benefit from Learn to Move intervention include:

  • Children who are demonstrating difficulties with their movement skills compared to others in their age group, such as running, balancing, hopping, catching.
  • Children who have difficulty with their self- care tasks using their hands such as using cutlery, toileting and dressing.
  • Children who find it difficult to hold a pencil and write, or are unable to use scissors.
  • Children who are unable to sit still.
  • Children who dislike PE or physical tasks within the school day because they find these activities challenging.
  • Children who appear clumsy, fall over or bump into things frequently.
  • Those who may benefit addtional exercise
  • Those who lack confidence