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Spirituality Corner

Our Spirituality Definition:


We nurture and celebrate the unique value and self-worth of each member of our school family.


Here at Stoborough spirituality is woven like a thread through the fabric of our school enriching who we are.


Spirituality is about creating precious moments to transform thoughts, actions and our senses. It is the capacity to be still and reflect with awe and wonder on the beauty and possibilities of the human and natural world ... and beyond.


Look at out beautiful spirituality garden; a place where we love to visit to reflect and feel. 

It is so important to take some time to reflect on the themes we have been focusing on in whole school worship.


This prayer space was developed to encourage children to think about change/ transformation at Easter time.


It encourages children to think about the story of ‘The Breakfast on the Beach’ and urges them to think about a change they would like to see take place.