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Computing, in line with the National Curriculum, is based around understanding and developing a variety of skills linked with technology, to ensure that each child is engaged and challenged at the appropriate level for them. The Computing programme at Stoborough aims for all children to develop their understanding of the concepts, practices and perspectives that underpin programming and other aspects of computer science, while providing ample opportunity for creative, collaborative project work in which pupils can acquire the information technology (IT) skills they’ll need to adapt in an ever-changing digital world. With the aim of embedding this programme within the teaching of other subjects, pupils will gain a broader vision of technology and discover how it can be used as another platform to inform and communicate. We also aim to include elements of digital literacy and online safety to give pupils the opportunity to become safe, respectful and responsible members and participants of this digital world.

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Computing Curriculum Statement

Progression of Knowledge and Skills:

This document shows how computing knowledge and skills progress through the year groups, based around the 3 areas of Computing: Computer Science, Information Technology, and Digital Literacy.

Computing Topics Whole-School Overview