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Collective Worship


All children take part in a daily act of Collective Worship, which is wholly or mainly of a Christian character and can draw upon fables, stories, legends and current affairs.  Collective Worship at Stoborough Primary actively promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. We believe collective worship should engage and and inspire our children and be relevant to their lives. We encourage our pupils to take ownership of collective worship and they regularly lead whole-school and class worship. 


Each half-term, our worship theme is linked to a Christian value, one of our school values and our PSHE (Jigsaw) theme. Each week, the children are given the opportunity to explore a question to develop their spirituality. 

Weekly Collective Worship 

Collective worship includes prayer, song and reflection. As we enter our times of Whole School Worship, each class brings a lighted candle to symbolise unity and to remind us that in times of worship, we enter the light of God. 


Our weekly Collective Worships follow this pattern:


Monday: Whole School Worship

Tuesday: Clergy/Visitor led Worship

Wednesday: Songs of Praise 

Thursday: Class/Phase Worship 

Friday: Celebration Worship/Worship Reflection Time

One World Together by Catherine Anholt

Take a trip around the world, meet children from lots of different places and peek into their lives. See what different ways you can find of saying 'Hello...'

Collective Worship

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Join our CW representatives as we explore heroes from other countries.


POPE FRANCIS FIVE FINGER PRAYER :1. Thumb: Family and FriendsYour thumb is the finger that is closest to you. Start by praying for the people in your life wh...


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Join the worship representatives from across the school as they explore different ways we can show respect in school.

Collective Worship - Pentecost

Primary school collective worship on the theme of Pentecost.

Collective Worship - Ascension Day

Collective worship for primary school children, on the theme of Ascension Day

Collective Worship - Support one another 4 May 21

This is an assembly for Primary School children telling them about the need to support one another because they may need supporting at sometime in their own ...

Collective Worship - Encouraging One Another

Primary school collective worship on the theme of encouraging one another.

Friends - collective worship

Collective worship suitable for primary school age children.

Class Worship - The Lost Sheep

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Join our Year 2 and Reception Worship Leaders as we explore the parable of the Lost Sheep. Can you work out what Jesus was teaching us about God through this story?

Collective Worship Mothering Sunday

Collective worship for primary school children on the theme of Mothering Sunday

Year 5 Collective Worship - Honesty

Collective Worship - Honesty & Saying Sorry

Primary school collective worship on the theme of honesty and saying sorry.

Collective Worship 22 March 21 - Palm Sunday

This is an assembly (collective worship) for Primary school children, explaining the story behind Palm Sunday.

Collective worship on Forgiveness

Collective Worship: Wiping the Slate Clean

Primary Collective worship Lent

Collective worship about Lent

Year 3 Collective Worship - Making Choices

Join Year 3 as they help us to think about choices...

Encouragement (Primary School collective worship)

Monday 1st February Collective Worship : Encouraging Others

January 25th Collective Worship: Doing the right thing

Collective Worship - Keeping Going

A short Primary School Collective Worship video on the theme of keeping going against all the odds.

Januray 18th Collective Worship

Collective Worship 11th January 2021

The first worship of the spring term, introducing the theme of perserverance

Listen to this song by Lauren Daigle 'Trust in You' 

Collective worship: Running the race of life

An act of collective worship from our local clergy team

Monday 4th January 

Befana A short collective worship story for Epiphany