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At Stoborough Primary we value music because it is a powerful and unique form of communication that can change and impact the way children feel, think and act. It is our aim that every child should have the opportunity to develop their musical potential and we aim to nurture and encourage musical development across the school. Our musical curriculum has been designed to:


  • support the development of listening skills.
  • foster team working, whether small group, whole class, as part of an ensemble or orchestra
  • help to build social and cultural values.
  • build life skills such as empathy, problem solving, and communication, and a sense of responsibility and commitment.
  • support improved behaviour as it requires discipline and dedication.
  • encourage creativity and provide children and young people with a medium with which to express themselves.
  • help to support emotional well-being and instil an increased level of positivity and calmness.
  • improve children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • provide disadvantaged children opportunities that they may not be able to access outside the school setting.
  • provide an inclusive and therapeutic platform for children with SEND.
  • Provide opportunities to develop spirituality


We are proud to have been recognised as a Music Mark School. Music Mark Schools are committed to providing a high-quality music education for their school community. 



Music Curriculum Statement

Music Curriculum Progression Map