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My Time Young Carers

Miss Sue is our Young Carer advocate at Stoborough. She works closely with the charity MyTime Young Carers to identify and support our pupils who are young carers. To find out more about the charity, visit: MyTime Young Carers


If you have any questions or you would like to talk to Miss Sue, please contact the school office. 


What is a Young Carer? 


A young carer is a young person aged 5 – 16 who looks after someone who couldn’t manage without their help. This could mean looking after a parent, brother or sister, grandparent or family friend who has a disability, long term illness, or drug and alcohol related issues.


As many as one in 12 pupils could be a young carer, and unless the school is advised about a pupil’s home circumstances, young carers risk first being identified by negative aspects of their behaviour or work. Some young carers find it difficult to concentrate and have limited time for friendships and activities after school. If this is the case, we can help.


How do we support our Young Carers? 


Did you know Stoborough Primary School can provide extra help for young carers? We can offer ongoing emotional support, extra help with homework and a chance to have fun at events put on for young carers from our school and other schools within the local cluster.  We can also provide advice on other local support groups.


If you think you have a Young Carer in your household, the school can refer you to MyTime Young Carers charity or Dorset Council Council, who will carry out an assessment of your young person’s needs.