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Welcome to our class page! We are the Hedgehogs!                                                                       




Our teacher is Mrs Beccy Spicer. Mrs Nurser and Mrs Bird-Hawkins are our teaching assistants. Mrs Nurser works with us on a Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Bird-Hawkins works with us on a Monday afternoon and Friday. 


We like to have lots of fun with our learning. We spend a lot of time learning through purposeful play. We aim for children to feel happy, safe and secure so they can thrive with their learning. We encourage children to be confident learners where they believe that anything is possible. 


We learn to read and write using phonics. We use the Read Write Inc scheme. To help us with our maths learning we use Numicon. Throughout the year we have different topics and we also encourage the children to learn and develop through their own interests. 



Week beginning 27th May 2021


This week we have continued with deepening our understanding of number. This week we have looked closely at the composition of 10. We explored 10 using Numicon and cubes. We found different pairs of numbers that make 10. 😀

Star of the week! 🌟🌟🌟


This week’s star of the week is Quinn. Quinn has been working so hard with his reading and writing. Well done! 

Nurture Through Nature Week! Week beginning 17th May 2021


Our 'Nurture Through Nature' week ended with a fantastic trip to the Whitehorse Woodland School. We had so much fun building dens, bug hunting, animal hunting as well as exploring the woods, jumping in puddles and getting a but soggy in the rain! What a fantastic day we have all had!


















 Well done Hedgehogs, you have been real explorers today! 

Week beginning 10th May 2021


We have had a special delivery in Hedgehog Class this week. We have five caterpillars that we are looking after. We are going to watch them grow over the next few weeks and see how they grow and change!




Having the caterpillars in the classroom have inspired us to make our own! 






We have been excellent mathematicians this week too! We have been exploring ways to make 5 using different manipulatives!






How many ways can you make 5?



Friday 14th May 2021



This week's STAR is Xavier. Is our star because he has been trying so hard with his reading! Well done Xavier!



Week beginning 3rd May 2021




This week's STAR is Sachet. Sachet has been a fantastic mathematician this week and has become confident at working out addition problems. Well done Sachet!

Week beginning 26th April 2021


This week we have really enjoyed reading the story 'The Tiny Seed'. 




 At the end of the story bees come to visit the flower which inspired us to create our own bees!




The children asked why the bees went to visit the flower. Some of us thought it was to make honey and some of us thought it was to collect pollen. As a class we decided to find out so we learnt about how bees pollenate flowers by taking part in a cheesy puff pollination experiment. We pretended that our hand were flowers and the cheesy puffs were pollen. As the bee moved around the different flowers the pollen (cheesy puffs) got mixed up. We then learnt that this helps make the plant to make seeds! Wow, we think bees are AMAZING! We thought that without bees our planet would look very different!


Have a look at our pollination experiment!    




                     The bee collected the pollen (cheesy puffs)  from our 'hand' flowers!





 The seeds that have been created due to the pollination allow more plants to grow!



Week beginning 26th April 2021



This week's STAR OF THE WEEK is Tommy! Tommy has been working so hard with his reading and writing and has become much more confident in these areas! Well done Tommy! We are so proud of you! 



Week beginning 19th April 2021


The children have all come back to school with smiles on their faces and are keen and ready to learn! 


This half term our topic is 


Let's Get Growing!


This week we investigated Spring and found out about the seasonal changes that have happened. We enjoyed collecting Spring colours outside!




We found out that you can finds lots more colours outside now compared to winter as in spring lots of plants start to grow!




Week beginning 19th April 2021


 This week's STAR OF THE WEEK is Frank! Frank has been trying really hard with his writing and we are really proud of him!



Week beginning 22nd March 2021


This week our learning has been based around the book 'One Tiny Turtle'. We learnt lots of facts about Loggerhead Turtles.





In our maths sessions we have been halving. We used playdough to find halves. We then halved Numicon shapes and different amounts of objects.







Star Of The Week FRIDAY 26th MARCH!

This week's star of the week is Dylan. Dylan has made such amazing progress with his reading and writing. Well done Dylan, you should be very proud of yourself!


Week beginning 15th March 2021


This week we have been reading the story 'Elmer'. We discussed whether it is a good thing to be different. We decided it was and we all thought of what we liked about ourselves and why we are unique. We wrote our ideas down. Here are some examples.











This week's star is Poppy! Poppy has made such fantastic progress with both her reading and writing! Well done Poppy! You are a STAR!!!

Week beginning 8th March 2021

Welcome Back Hedgehogs!

Well done to all our wonderful children this week! You have all done so well! Mrs Spicer, Mrs Nurser and Mrs Bird-Hawkins are so proud of you all!


Here are some of our highlights!






We acted out the story of Palm Sunday! We enjoyed shouting Hosanna, waving our palm leaves and playing our percussion instruments!                                                            





We have been comparing quantities in maths, saying if an amount is more, less or the same!




What a fantastic week back as a full class! 


Star of the Week Friday 12th March


This week's star is Nicolas! Nicolas has been trying so hard at school this week since coming back to school after the school closure. Mrs Spicer has been very impressed with his writing and reading! Well done!



Remote Learning



Remote Learning Timetable

Stars of the Week Friday 5th March 2021



Our Stars of the Week this week are Evelyn and Bertie! 


Evelyn is the star of the week for writing such a wonderful bear description using some wonderful vocabulary. Bertie is the star because he has made such amazing progress with his reading! Well done both of you!





Planning for remote learning week beginning 1st March 2021


Stars Of The Week Friday 26th February 2021



This week's stars are Max and Georgia. Max has been trying really hard with his writing this week and has made some lovely progress. Georgia has been working hard at her maths and has become confident at finding one less! Well done to both of you! 

Our Highlights Week Beginning 22nd February 2021


This week we have been reading the story We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.




We got creative and made our own bear faces!










We thought carefully about the different settings in the story and thought of adjectives to describe them. We then wrote about the different settings.








Great learning Hedgehogs!        

Planning for remote learning week 7 22nd February 2021

Here are some of our highlights from this week Week beginning 8th February 2021


This week we have been planning and organising a Tea Party for our teddies to thank them for helping us to stay happy!


We wrote lists to help us get organised.




We made decorations for our parties! We made bunting!




We wrote invitations to our bears! We practised our cutting skills to make party hats!


We then had lots of fun at our tea parties. We think our bears enjoyed them too!






Our Stars of The Week Friday 12th February 2021



This week's stars are Joey and Finley! Joey is making such good progress with his phonics and writing. Finley has been working hard to develop his creative skills. Well done to both of you!

Planning for Week 6 Remote Learning Week beginning 8th February 2021

Week beginning 1st February 2021




This weeks stars are Oscar and Freddy!

Oscar is star of the week for trying so hard with his learning at home. Freddy is star of the week for coming into school with a smile on his face and making good progress with his writing!


Remember though Hedgehog Class you are all superstars and I am proud of you all!


Learning this week!


We have had another fantastic week learning at home and at school. Well done to all the Hedgehogs! As it was Children's Mental Health Week this week we encouraged all children whether at home or school to have a day away from the screen and take part in a Wellbeing Wednesday. This was very successful and children at home completed activities that promoted a healthy lifestyle and positive wellbeing.


Children in school had the opportunity to paint on a large scale with their shoes and socks off! Children were encouraged to express themselves through painting however they liked. The result was a group of very happy/ smiley children who were all engaged for a significant amount of time as well as a beautiful mural which is now hung in the Hedgehog classroom.


The process!




The children also loved washing their feet afterwards!








Our Wellbeing Wednesday Mural

Still image for this video
Have a look at our wonderful mural that the Hedgehogs have made on Wellbeing Wednesday!

We talked about the importance of eating healthy food to help with our mental wellbeing. So we made our own pizzas with healthy toppings. It was great fun kneading the dough! 







Children learning at home also took part in Wellbeing Wednesday and they really appreciated their time away from the screen!



Poppy did some cooking!



So did Georgia!



Elijah went for a walk in the forest!


What a wonderful day everyone had!


Planning for week 5 remote learning week beginning 1st February 2021

Wellbeing Wednesday Planning Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 1st February - 7th February 2021

Week beginning 25th January 2021


Stars Of The Week


This week's stars are Freya and Nico. Freya has been working so hard at home and Nico has made amazing progress with his reading! Well done!


Our Learning This Week!


Once again we are overwhelmed and so proud of all the children learning at home or at school this week. You are all wonderful. Thank you to all the families for their continued support.


We have been doing some fantastic learning this week. Here are a few highlights.






We wrote about what makes us happy!







We made our own jars of happiness and added things that made us happy!






Planning for week 4 remote learning week beginning 25th January 2021

Week beginning 18th January 2021

We have been doing some wonderful learning both in school and at home this week. Well done everyone! 


This week we have been finding out about number bonds to 5.





We also made some amazing fire engines from junk! 






Planning for week 3 remote learning Week beginning 17th January 2021

Week beginning 11th January 2021


This week we have been learning about being safe when we are crossing the road. We have made road safety posters and thought about how we can keep safe when it is dark. 


We made Mrs Spicer a new running t-shirt to help her keep her safe when it is dark. We made sure her t-shirt was reflective!




Here are some of the designs from the children in school!





Here are some of the designs from the children learning at home!


What fantastic designs everyone!


In our RE sessions we have been learning about the story of Noah's ark. We listened to the version from Lucy Cousins. 


We then painted/drew/collaged/made our own rainbows! 









Planning for Week 2 Remote Learning 

Week beginning 11th January 2021

Spring Term Week beginning 4th January 2021


Well done everyone for a fantastic first week back. Whether you have been in school or learning at home you have all been wonderful and have completed some super learning. This week we have been thinking about new year and what that means to some people. We watched a YouTube video of the firework display that took place in London on New Year's Eve. We used this as inspiration for some art work.








We also wrote our own new year's resolutions!



Our Learning!


Have a look at some of the wonderful learning that we have been doing!

Week beginning 14th December 2020


We have been doing lots of lovely Christmas projects this week. We have been making Christmas decorations and learning about the birth of Jesus. We made Christmas party hats so we could wear them at our Christmas dinner and we even had a visit from Father Christmas himself. On behalf of all the Reception team we hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas!




Week beginning 7th December 2020


This week we have been learning about hedgehogs! We learnt that they hibernate and we learnt why they do this. We talked about why hedgehogs may hibernate in a pile of leaves. We decided that it would be warm for them in a pile of leaves. To test our theory we filled two hot water bottles with hot water and pretended they were hedgehogs. We left 'Henry Hedgehog' without any leaves outside and we left 'Heather Hedgehog' outside under a pile of leaves. We then predicted that Henry would get cold but Heather would stay warm. We checked them an hour later and we were right. Heather had stayed warm and Henry had got cold. 







We also painted pictures of hedgehogs!






STAR OF THE WEEK 11th December 2020



This week's Star of the Week is Freya! Freya has been trying so hard with her independent writing. She is always writing and having a go! Well done Freya!



Week beginning 30th November 2020

This week we read the Percy The Park Keeper Story 'After The Storm'.






Percy then sent us a video asking us to help him after the storm.



This inspired us to write about how we could help him. We also built bridges across the flood so we could rescue the animals in the park.







    Star of the Week 4th December 2020



Reggie is this week's Star of the Week. Reggie is our star because he is always so polite and kind. Every morning he comes to school and asks people how they are. He also always tries very hard in everything he does! Well done Reggie!




Week beginning 23rd November 2020


This week we have been reading the Percy Park Keeper story 'The Secret Path'.                                  




This inspired us to make our own secret doors. We cut out our doors and decorated them with hinges and a door handle. We use our scissors to carefully cut out the shapes we wanted.






We then wrote about what we would like to find behind our secret doors. We used our phonic skills to sound out the words we wanted to write.






Fantastic learning this week Reception! We are so proud of you!


27th November 2020



This week's star of the week is Joe! Joe is our star of the week because he is wonderful in every way and he always tries so hard with his learning! Well done Joe!



20th November 2020


This Week's Star is Dexter. He has been doing some excellent thinking within maths. When learning about the number 6 Dexter was able to say what numbers you could add together to make the number 6! Wow Dexter! Well done!

Week beginning 16th November

Autumn Colours

We have been investigating autumn this week. We went on an autumn colour walk. First we predicted what colours we thought we would find and then we went on a welly walk and found as many colours as we could. 




Mystery Solved!

We received a letter from the person who left the boots and coat in our classroom. It was Percy the Park Keeper!



We decided to help him and we drew plans of a park. We labelled our pictures with words. We used our 'Fred Fingers' to sound out the words! We are really enjoyed our writing!


RE and Creation

We have been learning about the Creation story and independently collaged pictures of God's creations. 




This week's STAR OF THE WEEK! 



Finley is our star of the week for trying hard with everything he does!

Well done Finley! You are a superstar!

Week beginning 9th November 2020

A Mystery!

We started the week with a mystery. Someone had been in our classroom and left a coat and wellington boots. This led to lots of excitement and curiosity. We discussed who we thought these belonged to and then wrote our ideas down. 




Our ideas were a farmer, a giant, a builder. They are not Mrs Spicer's boots as they are very big! Who do you think they belong to?


Observational Drawing

We enjoyed observational drawing this week using some of the autumnal objects the children had collected during the half term holiday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  





Children in Need

We had lots of fun on 'Feel Good Friday' for Children in Need. We enjoyed dressing up in colourful clothes. We joined in with Joe Wick's PE challenge! Well done Reception.. you were fantastic and the school raised approximately £750!