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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!
In Year 5, the children are supported by the following adults:
Jamie Patrick (Class teacher)
Sue Wilson (Learning Support)
Rosemary Bird-Hawkins (Teaching Assistant)
Amber Jones (Teaching Assistant)

We aim to create a learning environment that encourages academic development as well as social development. Ultimately, if a child is happy, they're happy to learn!

The broad range of topics will engage and encourage all children to develop a passion for learning throughout the school year and beyond.

This week in Year 5 (27th November 2020)

In English, children have been planning their suspense stories using Talk4Writing.
They have created their own toolkit for features and story map to plan their writing.
Our inspiration was the discovery of the ancient Maya civilization in Central america by John Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, in 1839. The children will be writing their final pieces on Monday. 

In Computing, children have been creating projects with Scratch. They were tasked with coding a rocket to orbit the Earth. They have enjoyed learning about the recent SpaceX mission to the International Space Station. Have a go at operating George and Katie's Dragon Capsule around the Earth.

In Maths, the children have been continuing with their Decimals topic by challenging themselves with word problems. They have also been participating in daily Barvember challenges which sadly finish today. sad 
See if you can challenge yourself with today's problems:


I was particularly proud of Thomas W, Tom C and Sam M who persevered with Thursday's problem.

Home Learning

Keep up-to-date with extra learning opportunities at home.
Consolidate your Maths learning from the week at school.
Challenge a friend on your times tables knowledge!
Word of the Week
The Words of the Week this week were:

andante(adj) - music in a moderately slow or walking beat
soliloquy(n) - speech expressing deep thought
lustre(n) - a soft glow or shine
inertia (n) - tendency to remain unchanged / to continue
plenipoteniary (n) - a person who has full power to make
decisions for their country's government
hypochondriac (n) - suffer excessive anxiety about your health
pother (n) - commotion or fuss
artefact (n) - a old/ancient human-made object

Well done for those whose words were chosen!
Can you put the words into a sentence?
Star of the Week
This week's Star of the Week was Jack L. This was awarded for persevering with his Mental Arithmetic lessons and using resources independently when needed. Jack showed great confidence to round decimals without resources by the end of the week!