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Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 class page where you can stay up to date with all the exciting learning we get up to and maybe feel part of our classroom.

Myself (Mr Bishop) and my TA (Mrs Hall), take great pride and pleasure in preparing fun activities within the learning to help the children develop their skills and knowledge in a creative way.


The children's well being is just as important as their learning and we both ensure that we create a safe, fun and inviting environment for the children to thrive in. Being open and honest is key and the whole of Year 2 have adopted this ethos to work as a team and a family in helping each other be the best they can be.

Our class charter:

How we work:

Each and every one of us is different and this needs to be celebrated and not be a factor in holding anyone back. We use intervention support groups with Mrs Hall to assist those who need a little extra support so that each child's true potential can shine.

In addition to this, the children enjoy being challenged and pushing for greater achievements (mastery). This can be in the form of extended work or further reasoning based around an activity or piece of work. 

Everyone can join in and anything is possible!

Star of the week:


is awarded this title- she has shown great friendship last week and constantly follows our school values. In addition to this, she continues to push herself in her work to show progress.

WOW work:

All work shows skill but we like to show off outstanding results and efforts as an example for others. We have a WOW wall as we walk in the class, that incorporates different pieces of children's work:

  • Work that shows amazing results beyond what has been asked,
  • Work that demonstrates good progress and a step forward in a particular skill,
  • Work that they have chosen to do off their own back at home, as an extra.  

Here are some examples of some recent pieces; maybe you can spot your child's work! 

What's been going on this week?

  • In Maths, we continue to look at money using operations (adding and subtracting). We are doing this in pence and in pounds but not crossing them over yet. Why not set up a little shop to help them?
  • In English, we are focusing on phonics this week and looking at spellings for Common Exception Words for Year2. We are having a big focus on subordinate conjunctions (when, if, that, because) with various activity sheet to show how we can add detail/information to sentences.
  • In RE, we continue to work on the topic of light and discovering how Jesus is seen as the 'Light of the World'. We retell the nativity using light symbols, discussing their meaning.
  • In Humanities, we are reviewing the explorers we have discovered up to date and finalise our writing on Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We are continuing to fill in our timelines with the new information.
  • In Science, children continue to work with materials, looking at their properties and how they can be shaped. They are looking up different inventors.
  • In Computing, we are looking at where we can find computers around the school. Children will work on remembering that a computer may not always have a screen or keyboard.

Watch this space for some examples of their amazing work from last week:

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