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Year 2

We are the Kingfisher class!

Remote Leaning timetable:

Reading Comprehension explained:

Welcome to our Year 2 class page where you can stay up to date with all the exciting learning we get up to and maybe feel part of our classroom.

Myself (Mr Bishop) and my TA (Mrs Hall), take great pride and pleasure in preparing fun activities within the learning to help the children develop their skills and knowledge in a creative way.


The children's well being is just as important as their learning and we both ensure that we create a safe, fun and inviting environment for the children to thrive in. Being open and honest is key and the whole of Year 2 have adopted this ethos to work as a team and a family in helping each other be the best they can be.

Our class charter:

How we work:

Each and every one of us is different and this needs to be celebrated and not be a factor in holding anyone back. We use intervention support groups with Mrs Hall to assist those who need a little extra support so that each child's true potential can shine.

In addition to this, the children enjoy being challenged and pushing for greater achievements (mastery). This can be in the form of extended work or further reasoning based around an activity or piece of work. 

Everyone can join in and anything is possible!

Star of the week:

12/02/21- Leon and Holly

Leon for continuing to push hard with his work despite it being difficult with scheduling it in. He has shown great determination and enjoyed doing many other things on top of his learning.

Holly for her exceptional work and continued progress. She always strives for outstanding results and goes above and beyond in all she does.

05/02/21- Issac and Sarah B

Issac for showing great effort in his writing and trying hard to keep at it despite not enjoying it. He has shown good determination.

Sarah for her great progress this week. She is focusing more on the tasks and this is showing through her richer use of vocabulary in her writing.

29/01/21- Eleanor and Theo S

Eleanor for constantly pushing herself and overcoming all obstacles in her way. She shows great progress and enthusiasm in her learning.

Theo has persevered this week despite difficulties. He has not given up and attempted tasks that were not easy. Great effort, keep it up.

WOW work:

All work shows skill but we like to show off outstanding results and efforts as an example for others. We have a WOW wall as we walk in the class, that incorporates different pieces of children's work:

  • Work that shows amazing results beyond what has been asked,
  • Work that demonstrates good progress and a step forward in a particular skill,
  • Work that they have chosen to do off their own back at home, as an extra.  

Here are some examples of some recent pieces; maybe you can spot your child's work! 

Humanities- How does the sun affect weather across the planet?

Some great creative poems written as part of studying poetry:

Home learning DT project: making wind turbines.

Still image for this video

Theo E turbine.mp4

Still image for this video

Harriet turbine.mp4

Still image for this video

More turbines

Some examples of work done after the Religious Worship done remotely.

What's been going on lately?- (Remotely)

  • In Maths, we are working on multiplication and the times tables (2x, 5x, and 10x).
  • In English, we have started discovering elements of poetry and this is formed using alliteration, similes, repetition, rhymes and lots of imagery. We are looking at the structures of poems and using grammar rules to find exciting sentences to use.
  • In RE, we are looking at God and how Christians see and worship God. Talking of parables, we are exploring how Jesus used these to spread the word of God.
  • In Humanities, we are investigating and learning about weather and how it is formed. We are looking at how it is measured to understand how it changes and therefore affect us daily.
  • In Science, we are discovering growth in animals including humans. We are looking at how babies grow with the different stages of development. This includes how to look after ourselves for survival.
  • In Computing, getting used to using the technology remotely is sufficient for now.
  • In Art and DT, we looked at an artist, Piet Mondrian and discovered how he uses shapes and primary colours in his abstract art. We are using the drawing tool online too, mixing this with ICT. In addition to this we are investigating how to create a wind turbine linked with our Humanities, making the wind into a source of power.
  • In Music, we are looking at beats in line with poetry in English.

Watch this space for some examples of their amazing work from last couple of weeks:

Some Christmas art and craft

Class displays

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