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Church Community

We are a Church of England School

Daily worship provides staff and children with inspiration and spiritual growth. We are well supported by clergy from the local parish and we enjoy close links with the churches in Wareham including The Lady St Mary Church, Stoborough Baptist Church and St Nicholas Church, Arne.


Worship underpins  and nourishes the values of our school; we uphold our Christian ethos in all that we do.



Advent 2023


Thank you to the Diocese of Guildford for sharing this resource


This Advent calendar does not contain pictures of elves and snowmen, instead each day takes you to a picture of the nativity by an artist from a different country or culture. Also a story from the Bible about one of the people who was waiting for the birth of Jesus, some questions to wonder about together and a video that related to the image. 


Advent 2023


Xplode Club


Xplode is an after school club run by the churches in Wareham (Lady St Mary and Emmanuel Baptist Church). The children listen to stories from The Bible and have the opportunity to join in with outdoor games, activities, arts and crafts.


We are delighted that Reverend Hilary is back in school leading Xplode Club with Mrs Hallisey. 


Xplode is going wild this term!

We have been den building outside and this week we put up a tent on the school field. Hilary told us all about Moses and the Hebrews, who travelled from Egypt to the promised land.

God looked after his people and provided for them.




Hilary told us the African Creation story;  how Mamaearth made creatures from clay and brought them to life. We made our own ‘Blobsters,’ (clay creatures). We talked about God’s creation and used our sense of taste to try new things from Hilary’s garden e.g. chive flowers, fennel, sorrel, sage, wild strawberries, nasturtium Leaves.